Monday, April 9, 2012

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


These shots come in handy and can make you into a hero the morning after a party when you pass them out to your friends. The help metabolize and process the toxins out of your body and give enough glucose to get you going. Combine with something for hydration and your hangover will be gone in time for breakfast.

Hangunder - Undo Your Hangover

This hangover cure attacks hangovers by promoting hydration. Each tablet has the effect of drinking several Gatorade without the vomiting that would surely come from drinking that much liquid while hungover. Getting hydrated is often the hardest part of coming out of a hangover. This solves that problem hydration and tastes like an orange sports drink.

GTOX Hangover Blocker

This one is a life saver...These hangover cures work by attacking one of the two problems causing a hangover- dehydration and toxin buildup. GTOX is a hangover cure that focuses on getting the toxins out of your liver. Drink it before bed to block the hangover completely or when you first wake up to alleviate symptoms.

Rock Bottom...You know the feeling - the trembling sensation of weakness in your limbs, the violent nausea coming in waves, and the unbearable pounding headache. You're hung over again. So much for all the swearing off liquor you did during your last hangover. Fortunately, I have a few remedies that have brought me back from death's door a few more times than I'd like to admit.